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ducati documentation

Vintage Ducati

A few websites owned by mecchanics and skilled ducati owners to tune, improve and restore their beloved modern and/or old Ducati.


motoscrubs User guides and parts plans
350 desmo race US Champion Paul Ritter's experience
mono racing single racing
Moto Suite tune your desmo
Ducati Tech idem

Prépa 900SS

ducati meccanica Ducati meccanica, encyclopedia
PT TWins

parallels twins


Prépa (F)

et moteur Tuning tips and exhaust calculator
the bike boy tuning tips
manuels Carl Salter user guide Page
1966 Mach 1 Carl Liebold
MHR Pierre
MHR Keith Sadler
realclassic PlusMany models
750 GT Webgrafex
450D Danny Serlin
'66 250 Jon Krocker
350 sebring Jim Downey
750SS Harm Heuvelman
'72 750GT Nounours47
750SS Jacky Crozier
'66 160 Monza JR Desmodog
888 Fati
'68 350D Richo
'69 125 Cadet Pascal
50 SL1 RegDeg
'89 750S Club Ducati Haut Rhin
parallel twins Gerald Lazzeri
tom rolland 750 GT '73
900SD '81 André Piard